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How much advanced notice do you need?

In a perfect world we'd like at least a 24 hour notice for bookings. I've had some clients book us 6 months in advance. Recently we had one book us a gig only 4 hours away... and the location was 2 hours away.. If we can do it we'll go to bat for you .

How come your Drone service is so dead gum expensive?

The aircraft itself is owned by the pilot and it's not a cheap one. A professional drone is about 7 - 8 thousand dollars not including the camera. The liability insurance for those things is through the roof. Not to mention the pilot is FAA certified to fly UA vehicles. Also keep in mind the experience and creativity behind it plays a roll in the price. The shots are phenomenal.

Can you guys do Live feeds over the internet?

Not at this time. We looked into that and the monthly service fee to be affiliated with a Livestream host is very expensive. Not to mention the equipment needed. 3 - 4 cameras at around $2,000 a piece is a huge investment. As a case study we wanted to test the demand. We shamelessly advertized on ProductionHub.com that we offered LIVE stream services to see how many calls we'd get. We got one request in a period of 4 months. Glad we spent our money on other things.

Can we make last minute script changes if we hire you as a TelePrompTer operator?

Sure can. Minor changes are easily made. Major changes would mean we have it re-sent via e-mail. Then we load the revised script and check for character flaws. Sometimes our EZ prompt software will recognize a " " as ? ? and they are easy fixes. It takes about 10 minutes to scrub through an entirely new script and proof it. If we are talking a sentence or two, we can manually make those changes in seconds.

Do you guys shoot in 4K ?

YES we can. Our camera can capture UHD 4K 3840x2160 30p/24p and cinematic DCI 4K 4096x2160 video at 24p.

Can you all edit as well?

We sure can ! We use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition (for audio). We have a huge library of license free music, graphics and special effect layers that give the videos as extra touch ! Watch our demo reels for more info.


What format are your Video files? Can you record in Apple Pro Res?

Unfortunately not at this time. We are a windows platform production company. We are looking to investing into a couple of Power Mac computers so that we can "re-wrap" our native ACVHD files into Quicktime files or Apple Pro Res without losing any quality. The output from out Adobe Premiere editor is .mp4 and is slightly compressed when exported even though we export our final projects with the highest bit rate that it will allow and two passes of rendering for optimal results.


How many people can be miked up at one ?

Just two at a time. Any more than that and I will outsource a professional sound man with a field mixer.

How fast is your turn - around time ?

Depending on workload, length of footage and advanced notice for the deadline (if any). A quick turn around is not a guarantee but it is very probable. The size of the order has a lot to do with it as well. If everything falls into place there is no reason to have your order finished in a timely manner.

Do you do Wedding Videos ?


Does Midnight Voice have ISDN capabilities ?

Not at this time.

Would you be willing to work with us for an ongoing campaign ?  

Yes, of course. Consistent work on an on-going basis is a successful key to consistency and advertising. Give us a call to work out a set rate. Many variables will factor into an agreed rate.

Can I have you add music and effects under the video or voice over ?  

Yes. We can add a full production service to your order, meaning a finished sound with a music bed with effects (if necessary) ready for broadcast. Buy out music can be provided. If you provide the music, you are liable for the usage and licensing of that music as it is your project. If you would like us to provide music, we have a limited amount of license free music we can use for an additional charge. If we're talking a music bed under a :30 second spot, that will be one price, if we're talking adding music to a 2 hour corporate training course that is definitely another price. We also have special effects available such as audience cheers, shouts, applause, laughter, lasers and other synthesized sound effects.

How do I pay ? Do you accept online payments such as credit cards ?  

Yes, in fact that is most preferred. We accept Pay Pal or we can run all major credit cards through Square .