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Note: None of our Equipment is for rent or sale. This is just a page offering video/audio and teleprompter support with an operator.

4K All the WAY !

We offer quality HD 4K video recorded on our camera ! It provides a hybrid camera capable of 16 MP photos and high-resolution 4K video.

The GH4 can capture UHD 4K 3840x2160 30p/24p and cinematic DCI 4K 4096x2160 video at 24p. The GH4 delivers video quality surpassing many professional video cameras. AVCHD and AVCHD Progressive, to 200 Mbps All-Intra and 100 Mbps IPB MOV and MP4 formats. And because the GH4 is a global camera, the system frequency can be switched between 59.94 Hz (23.98 Hz) and 50 Hz, yielding a variety of recording options including 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50p, and 59.94p. The system can also be switched to 24 Hz to capture true 24p in HD and 4K resolutions. Video and photos are recorded to an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card. This is one sexy camera.



And Finally we have our
Canon Vixia HF G20
Beautiful picture for 1060i
( 1/3rd size CMOS chip)
Effective Pixels 2,070,000 Optics Focal Length 4.25 - 42.5 35mm Equivalent Focal Length 30.4 - 304

Maximum Aperture 1.8 - 2.8 Focusing Distance 0.8" / 2.0 cm Zoom Optical: 10x Digital: 40x Digital: 200x Filter Size 58 mm Recording System NTSC Recording Media Internal Flash Memory 32GB SD/ video Format High Definition

AVCHD Progressive 1920 x 1080 / 60i /30p / 24p

Presidential Podium Teleprompters:

Presidential Speech Teleprompters.
Visit our Teleprompter page for details on our Presidential dual teleprompting services.

Also we have a Camera Mount Prompter that can use the Teleprompt+ Ap that is powered by an iPad. Script speed is controlled with foot peddle or a Bluetooth control that is paired with another iPad or iPhone. Accepts all types of scripts in Google Docs. Or just e-mail the script to us prior to shoot and we'll have it all ready to go for you. You can even make last minute changes on your end and e-mail it to us on site.



SONY UWPV6/4244 Lav w/ 2 Bodypacks and plug on wireless Transmitter
New UWP Series packages are available in two alternative channel blocks "3032" (UHF-TV channels 30,31,32 and 33) 566 MHz to 590 MHz or "4244" (UHF-TV channels 42,43,44 and 45) 638 MHz to 662 MHz. Features and Benefits: UWP Series UHF synthesized systems provide reliable space diversity reception, along with tone squelch circuitry and pre-programmed channel plans (188 frequencies)
we also carry 2 dynamic XLR hand mics and 2 wireless hand held mics.

We also carry one Shure RE50 hand held mic. A wireless plug on transmitter is available.




Shotgun Pro Video Microphone + Lightweight Handheld Boom Mic Pole



Cardioid Lavaliere
Shure hard wired Mic

Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Response 50Hz - 17kHz
Dynamic Range (Typical) 94dB, (@ 1kHz, A-Weighted)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 65dB
Maximum Input Sound Level 123dB, (@ 1kHz, 1% THD)

This small microphone is designed to be mounted on, or hidden underneath clothing. It's slim low-profile design is ideal for broadcast and TV interviewing indoor or outdoor. The tailored frequency response accentuates the frequency response of vocals while minimizing low frequency noise. A low-frequency roll-off switch further minimizes noise due to AC hum, ambiance and proximity effect. This mic features a condenser element with a cardioid polar pattern. The cardioid pattern is effective in minimizing noise and ambiance at the off-axis sections of the microphone capsule.

Lecturn, desktop or stage microphonesmicrophones audio rental corpus chrsiti

Ideal for meeting, conferences etc. We have (8) Shure hard wired, cardioid, low profile boundary mics and 4 UHF wireless meeting microphones. They can be fed to an audio recorder, camera or PA system


Lighting set up for small or large room environments.
(2) (1000) LED light panels that shine 56K and 32K temperatures with dimmer control. These lights are for small room interview situations. We do offer more radiant and poweful lights seen below.
(2) 140 LED lights for hair light, and background.
(1) 190 LED light used for camera mount (sun gun), dimmable with 32K or 56K lighting options.
(2) Jensen soft box lighting...each box projects 400 watts of daylight temp light. Can be gelled for 32K or a warmer temperature.

(1) Mulit-colored 300 LED Par light.
(1) Arri 1000 watt halogen light.
zabo HMI light

(1) Zabo LED HMI 575 watt HMI with DMX connectors.

We have dozens of light stands, cross bars, (2) C-stands and (2) heavy duty Mathews light stands.

For optimal on camera video lighting We offer a Cosmetic Gel filter for certain types of skin tones. "cosmetic rouge" is a Barbara Walters favorite.





(2) HDTV 7" field Monitors
HDMI outputs with sunvisors.

(2) C-stands for light support and to support our 6'X6' frame used for scrims/diffusers and reflectors.

(1) Mathews Super Duty 12 ft. Light stand. We also have dozens of aluminum light stands , cross bars and other support.

6' X 6' diffuser along with 4' diffusers / scrims and black flags used for light support.

(1) 45" slider for those smooth trucks to left and right.

Dolly Track
(1) 12 foot portable track. Can be set up in under 5 minutes.

4 Foot jib
This jib is small but makes for great video movements in small environments. Also has a spreader with Dolly wheels to truck on smooth surfaces.

GoPro Hero 3 + This nifty HD camera is the trendiest of all. Complete with Chest harness, head strap, 6 ft. pole, underwater housing, Alligator clump, dash suction cup mount and other accessories for those hard to get POV shots.

Portable Green Screens Whether its for an interview or to make video magic, this Pop out / collapsible green screen comes in handy in the field. It is chroma key green on one side and chroma key blue on the other. Also have a Chroma key green backdrop (10'X10') with backdrop support for wider shots.

Black & White backdrops 8'X 5' Oval pop-out backdrop that is portable. Black on one side and bright white on the other.

Brown Muslin backdrop 10'X 12'

Midnight blue Muslin backdrop 10'X 12'

PA SystemPA rental corpus christi texas

(2) large 600 watt speakers that are fit securely on stands.

( 6) channel stereo mixer.

(2) VHF wireless microphones.
(2) hardwired microphones if desired or as back up if RF interference presents itself.


Power dimmers.
Used to plug in lamps or other electrical things to bring down power or lighting.

Turntable. Great for product reveals or showcasing small items such as jewelry or small pieces of art. Can handle up to 25 lbs, takes 35 seconds for one full rotation. Variable speeds can be adjusted in post production.

5' client monitor on Cart with wheels This is ideal for on set video monitoring or in a studio. Can be used as a teleprompter as well.

Sound Blankets. Great for dampening sound or blocking sunlight out of a window.
We have many alligator clamps to be used for any reason.

Black Aluminum foil to redirect light or block lighting from windows, computer glare etc.
Power Drops and turn around adapters to help save the day if needed.

Mathews Apple Box (2) 20"x12" wide and 8" tall. aka Double Apple. 1/2 Appl and 1/4th apple

VGA distribution amps (2) VGA distribution amps that have one input and 4 outputs. We also have a VGA to HDMI converter and also an HR video processor for reverse images. Also a VGA to (BNC) composit converter.

10 channel Audio sound mixer great for bringing in multiple audio sources and out putting it with 48V phantom power to audio/camcorders, or a PA system.

Editing services are available. Please call for a quote. We use Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Audition and other great softare. We can Export final product onto your supplied hard drive or we can furnish a SD flash card for $50. If it is a small file size we can possibly e-mail it to you for free via Dropbox, Dropsend, FileZilla or other File sharing service.

We have a few animated virtual sets to give your presentation the big studio look.




View some of our best work here.