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Jimmy Maddox San Antonio TexasJimmy Maddox is the sole proprietor of
Midnight-Creative video productions, Live Stream and
Teleprompter Services. The start of Midnight Creative Video and Teleprompter
Services originally began in Corpus Christi, Tx serving the coastal bend as well as
the Houston, Austin and San Antonio market.  The business demands leaned towards
the latter three cities and other parts of Texas including the Rio Grande Valley.
With most of the demand coming from Austin and San Antonio and Houston,
Jimmy moved his main hub and residence to centrally located San Antonio in April of 2018.

The calculated move was a relief from frequent long commutes from Corpus Christi.
But this didn’t
change the market coverage.
Midnight Creative Video Services often travel back to the RGV and coastal bend when needed when not working in the San Antonio, Austin, and Houston markets.

We also serve our out of state customers who call us from Nashville, TN and Las Vegas NV for multi-day events. We are no strangers to the Dallas, New Orleans, El Paso, Atlanta, Memphis, Little Rock and Oklahoma City markets either.
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We DO NOT normally “rent-out” our
Production / Grip equipment but rather use it to
support the services we offer.

Our Business Practices

If we are working on a LIVE show and unable to answer the phone immediately,  an assistant may try to answer our calls. And certainly, reply to every e-mail inquiry.
But if we are unable to respond on the first ring, rest assured we’ll get back to you within the hour or by end of the day.  

A verbal quote is just an estimate.
An emailed quote is pretty much the set price unless actual time work changes or other conditions change.

*For expedited convenience we can also email you an electronic invoice via Square or for instant payments

*For added confidence and assurance we prefer a minimum of a 3 hours set up time for Presidential Teleprompter Services
30 min set up for on camera Teleprompter.

*We realize there could be last minute changes to schedule. If hours worked differ from quote we may adjust and finalize quotes accordingly.

Our policy is to get compensated at our agreed price upon delivery of:

1. Goods (ie; thumb drives, Dropbox links, DVDs etc.)
2. Services (Teleprompter performances)

If you or your parent company’s policy is to invoice out, we will require a 50% deposit upfront at least 24 hours before the first date of performance. We will not accept any NET  invoicing beyond 30 days.
We preferably accept company checks or credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, Discover or AMEX.
Electronic invoicing is acceptable. We are already set up with Square, Paypal, and

Please contact us for any further questions. 
Thank you, the guys from Midnight Creative™ Productions.

Fun Facts and Misconceptions about the Teleprompting World

ON CAMERA Teleprompters:
Cost Justification:

Saves you money in the long run.
A 2-hour video shoot with a teleprompter could easily take 6-7 hours without one.
That is, man-hours and/or venue rental etc.

How it works and is put together:

When prompter operators receive a script, we do not just copy and paste it into our editor.
There is prep time needed to format the content so that it is “prompter friendly” and also 
“reader friendly”. This can take some time depending on how long the scripts are. 

Sometimes we can spend several minutes (if not hours) the night before preparing and formatting a teleprompter script only to have someone bring us an updated version on a  USB drive because of a minor change. What we suggest is that it would be much easier to make a direct change point blank inside our editor (exactly where needed) than to start the entire formatting process over from scratch, basically erasing all the work and care we just put into the script.

We understand last-minute script changes are normal and part of our job. We just like to work efficiently.
Making small changes on the fly is routine and no problem at all.

If the changes are major or a complete overhaul of the show that is understandable as well.
This is why many operators may hold off formatting scripts until a couple of hours before the show.
Because we know changes happen, we get that, but the closer to showtime we do this, the better.  
Here is an explainer:

Formatting Script
We use Telescript AV, EZ Prompt and Teleprompt+3 softwares

Raw scripts must be copied and pasted, sometimes with all formatting removed into a single-column, text-only state.
Preferably we like to remove stage and director notes.
Only speaking text should be in the prompter unless otherwise noted.
For speakers (readers) we highlight names a different color, most of the time red, although it can be whatever the client wants it to be. Red is standard. We Also create inverse name tags.

Red text for Name of speaker. Black background with White or Green text
Telepromtper screens
Reader names can get an inverse look








We also like to add spacing and line-breaks in logical, natural places to allow opportunities to pause and take a breath.

For a long 32 page script, it could take a couple hours to format because we prompter operators also like to preview the script  in “prompt mode”, to make sure there are no glitches or anomalies such as hyperlinks, tracked changes, markup, all that weird metadata that may be creeping in that  can throw a reader off. We circumvent a lot of that stuff ahead of time.

Depending on the presenter and how particular of a reader they are, there can be additional efforts made to make a great reading experience such as text size and line spacing requirements as well.  With our Telescript AV software we can increase the font size quickly to suit a reader’s preference.

Do Teleprompter ops Control the speaker’s Reading Pace? 
Short Answer= No.

Not for me at least.
Some speakers will speed up, and in that case, I must speed up to match them, and if they decide to speed up more, then I speed up to match them.
If we didn’t, the screen would run out of words and they’d awkwardly stop reading…
We don’t let that happen.

So if they speed up, we speed up. Sometimes they’ll think I’m racing them and pretty soon we’re out of control.
Stage managers may come to us backstage and say
“He’s rushing can’t you slow it down?”
and some of us will respond:
“If I slow down he’ll just run out of words to say and will abruptly stop until I feed more text on the screen”.
If the reader slows down, I am going to follow along and slow down.

I’ve always said to those who do not know us well, I never dictate the speed of the reader by the way I teleprompt.
I’ll always start and go when the reader does and I’ll move the text along at their pace and make sure there is always text for them to read.
In other words, they control the speed, not the other way around.
This is not always convincing, especially to inexperienced teleprompter readers.
If I speed up, that is not a signal that we are rushing you.
In most cases, we are just trying to catch up.

We try to be sensitive to new presenters/readers and kindly guide them along in rehearsal to make them feel comfortable.
If we need to coach them a little, it’s certainly no problem.
The end goal is to make the presenter/speaker all look and sound great on stage!

Prompting a speech or script is very similar to playing music with someone.
Learning the rhythm of their speech pattern and working along with it, knowing what to do if they improvise something is a skill that goes unnoticed most of the time even by the speakers themselves.
Yet another case of “if you’re doing it right nobody notices but if you’re doing it wrong it stands out.”
That is so true. If something goes wrong during a prompter read there could be many factors that could be to blame.
Confusing text, direction notes, technical errors, operator error, or they could just have a brain freeze.
No matter what the issue is or who’s fault it is, all eyes initially look at the teleprompter operator until what actually happened is revealed 🙂 Lovely. haha.
We’re used to it, although I must say nearly 98% of our gigs have run very smooth because we bring our experience and we work with great clients and A/V personnel that as a team, makes everyone look great. 

These are just some of the factors that go into an experienced teleprompter operator,
This is why we bill what we charge.


So When you consider the price or quote that Midnight Creative Productions gives you, we hope that you’ll appreciate what you’re actually getting in return.
We want you to be happy.
Because understand that you are paying for more than just a worker to fill the needs of your production, project or event.

You are also buying our experience.
You’re paying for our hundreds of hours of past errors and experimentations.
You’re buying years of previous frustrations as well as moments of joy and successes.

Whether we are doing video production, editing, photography, graphics work, voice-over recording or teleprompting for you or your project/event, know that you are getting someone reliable, dependable and with real-life experience in our industry.


If you are wondering why Self-Employed Freelancers charge so much for their services then consider the following.

Our Rates are determined by the following considerations.

Please remember, we are self-employed.

We are Freelancers.

We don’t get paid vacation.

We don’t get paid sick days.

We don’t get bonuses for outstanding performances nor for Christmas Holidays.

We don’t have insurance plans nor do we qualify for unemployment.

Also, the skill sets among us freelancers have come at high costs and lots of experience.

To be compensated fairly justifies our time invested to prepare for your job’s task as well as the time we have to spend on your project to prepare for a great performance.

Remember that the Self Employed love being their own boss, but that love doesn’t pay debts.