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NOTE: We No longer provide amplified PA speakers....Just closed circuit confrence recording.

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We have recently provided A/V services for several focus groups for one of our clients, a research/media company in Austin , Texas and are currently in the process of broadening our professional audio/video services to other professional focus group marketing firms. Whether you need additional A/V support during peak times or need a reliable A/V operation in the field We are here to help. Our audio/video equipment is comprised of (8) hardwired boundary surface table microphones and (4) wireless UHF meeting style microphones.Focus Group AUdio video services texas

The audio can be recorded as audio or video files. We can set up an HD camera to record the event and/or provide a LIVE feed into an adjoining room or one closely across the hall for LIVE monitoring of your focus group by you and your clients. An LED 48" flat screen TV can be provided and set up as part of our services.
Your Focus groups and other uses for A/V services may already be established at your facility. However, should you need extra support at your home base or if your work takes you on the road, this could be a great service for you.
We use Adobe Audition software to export the audio files to a wide number of audio file formats. Video (if desired) is recorded in HD and delivered in 1080p, 60i, or even 4K resolution. We can also edit or organize the video clips with our Adobe Premiere Editing suite. Our cameras are generally locked down and static during the meetings or research. The A/V operator does not have to be in the room where the moderator or participants are in.
The digital A/V files of these meetings can be delivered to you the next day via Dropbox or expressed mailed back on a USB Flash drive.


Jimmy Maddox is a one man band operation that travels all over Texas. Hubbed in Corpus Christi, Texas, the travel destinations cover a wide area of the state. We go as far north as Waco and as far south as Brownsville, Texas. We also cover Tyler, Lufkin, Houston, Laredo, El Paso, Lubbock, Austin, San Antonio and Temple-Killeen. Our travel accomodations are usually handled by us such as lodging, fuel and other travel expenses and are almost always factored into the quote we give you, so no worries for any additional charges unless of course they are incidentals.

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