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Austin Teleprompter

Austin, We’ve got you covered.
We’re the Expert Authority You Can Trust for on Camera Mount Teleprompters in Austin Tx

Teleprompter mounts and service for on camera Teleprompters. We provide Equipment and operator.

Teleprompter operator and
rental service, Austin, Tx

Email us here
OR call us at 512-898-9700

We cater to LIVE events, conferences and musical on stage performances with dual panel presidential speech teleprompters and on STAGE, live performance teleprompters for concerts and various live shows.
Ideal for musical artists, VIP’s, dignitaries or anyone who demands a great experience on or off stage.
We Use TeleScript AV prompter software ! 

on camera teleprompter austin tx
Our larger 17″ rig prompter can be used with our standard 17″ screen or
our Hi-Bright 13″ screens.

On-Camera mount Teleprompters

 9.5″ screen ipad prompter good for close range, reduces eye travel. Ideal for short simple scripts.
10″ screen hard-line prompter good for close range, reduces eye travel. Ideal for longer scripts.
17″ screen teleprompters.  Good for studio production and further distances. Nice and Big Text.
We have two.
13″ high bright screen teleprompter
(1000 nits) good for outdoors.
We have two of these.



Studio Teleprompter free standing Austin Tx
Free Standing
Roll up Teleprompter








Any script can be imported into a Google doc, WORD or plain text via email. USB stick works too if we can afford the time to import your script on set prior to the shoot. 

Teleprompter camera mount austin Texas
9.5″ iPad wireless screen OR 10″ hard line screen


NOTE: These teleprompters can be mounted on your tripod or as a roll-up system, mounted on a  stand for easy workflow.  We’ll bring all the right tools and rig them right up for you.

Need a package deal with camera and teleprompter?
No problem. We can shoot and record your presentation with a teleprompter in tow for one flat rate. We’ll also include our LED light panels for a professional look. For background, we’ll use a natural setting or we can throw up some of our professional backdrops including chroma-key colors if necessary.

Please consider us for your teleprompter or field production needs.
We have more than 25 years of experience working in large markets.

Email us here
OR call us at 512-898-9700


On Camera teleprompter for film video Austin Texas
On camera teleprompter working on location at St. Elmo Sound Stages Austin Texas

ipad on camera teleprompter austin texas On Camera mount Teleprompter Austin Texas Teleprompter on camera service rental Austin Texas

Presidential GlassAustin, teleprompter, operator, rental, service, presidential
For corporate events, we have the dual glass paddles to the left and right of the podium
with ultra hi-bright monitors beaming off the high-quality split beam glass.
We connect these prompters via fiber optic HDMI cable for solid continuity.

How do we import your scripts and make it all work?
Click here-
To read up on Some Helpful Information of how we process it all, and other things like
who controls the reader’s speed etc.

Scroll down to view a video demo
of this system


New ** Concert Series 
Low Profile Floor Speaker Teleprompter

Austin, Texas, stage rock n roll, wedge teleprompters, speakers
These are large screens for wedge speakers.
They are 27″ in diameter.
Most out there are 22″-24″


These slick floor speakers have also been referred to as “dog houses”
for discreet and low-profile teleprompter arrangements.
Audience POV; they’re speakers… low profile, stage rock n roll, Wedge Teleprompters, speakers are becoming more requested.

We also have 32″ screens that are unhoused as well as
7″ and 19″ screens for pianos etc.

Need an Operator Only?

No problem.
Enjoy your reduced rates as we bring our primary and backup computers and
plug right into your switcher via VGA, HDMI or SDI.


Add some confidence looking at you from the front row by
adding downstage monitors.
46″32″ or 22″ screens on high or low stands.

Please consider us for your teleprompter or field production needs.
We have more than 25 years of experience working in large markets.

We are actually hubbed out of San Antonio, Tx, but consistently travel to Austin, Houston and other parts of Texas without any issues.
We look forward to helping you with your production needs.

We Use TeleScript AV prompter software ! 



Email us here
OR call us at 512-898-9700
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