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At this time we do not employ workers full time or part time but rather we call upon freelance individuals who are willing to work on an
"as needed" basis. There can be slow times and then it can get busy in a flash. Not everyone on our freelance list can be available at a moment's notice. Many times all we need is a couple of workers.

So, if you have experience with being a production assistant in the McAllen, Laredo, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Austin areas, by all means drop us an email with your name, contact information, a little about yourself and your work experience.

One thing that we really need is a freelance soundman who owns their own ENG sound package complete with mixer, tails out audio cables and boom mic and pole.

There are no guarantees is this business we know that first hand ! But should a need arise it will be nice to have a healthy list of willing people ready to go !

email us at


Thanks !