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Live Streaming

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Explore our LIVE VIDEO STREAMING services such as video conferencing, webinars, events, one on one interviews, depositions, Q&A sessions and many other occasions that can include single or multi-camera productions, including professional audio and lighting.
Our Live Stream services will give you the best bang for your buck without sacrificing high quality.
LiveStream, Webcast or Teleconference your Next Event
with us in Texas! 


We DO NOT normally “rent-out” our
Production / Grip equipment but rather use it to
support the services we offer.

Type of Live Streams that we specialize in

  • LIVE music concerts and productions Details 
  • Entertainment, Stand up comedy, Theater Etc.
  • Interaction with your audience (Q&A) Details
  • Corporate Webinars, Meetings, Training  Details
  • Weddings (ceremony)  Details
  • Parades 
  • Teleconference Feeds 
  • Court Depositions, Hearings
  • School or college assembly programs, plays, graduation ceremonies etc.
  • Funerals (believe it or not, we’ve done it)

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So What Can we Provide for you?

Over The Top Broadcasts (OTT)
Over the top (OTT) refers to film and television content provided via a high-speed Internet connection rather than a cable or satellite provider.
Viewers who eschew paying for bundled content are often referred to as cord cutters.

We can offer you webcasting to YouTube, Facebook, Periscope/Twitter or other free Content Delivery Networks.
Premium CDNs like Vimeo, Wowza, Ustream, Livestream can also be made on your account or ours.

Your viewers can now sit back and watch live from anywhere around the world on their desktop computer, phone, tablet and other devices while we stream from a convention center, assembly halls, a hotel ballroom, or catering to a broadcast schedule for a house of worship webcasting their message to masses of viewers on church service Sunday.
Live streaming is not just for traffic or city cams anymore.
Our innovative live stream media service caters to providers in Texas who need to go LIVE for important news, entertainment, music concerts and events, weddings, graduations, corporate teleconferencing, legal depositions, seminars, educational and e-learning webcasts either by public or private viewing and with or without the needs of LIVE viewer participation and/or interaction

At this time we are not providing live stream services for sporting events.

Here is what we do:

  • Teleconferences linking to one other remote site vis Skype™
  • Multi or Single Camera production set up (up to 4 PTZ cameras)
  • Remote Controlled Pan Zoom Tilt HD Cameras with 20X zoom lens
  • Character Generator for lower third graphics, DSK, LIVE bugs and more.
  • 12 Channel Stereo audio sound Mixer
  • Internal HD recorder inside video switcher plus a backup HDD Digital Video Record deck 
  • Wireless lav mics
  • LED Lighting

Keep in mind too, if you just want us to video record your meeting,
we can do that too.

We do get requests to just record a conference, or deposition, meeting and other presentations without having to necessarily Live Stream it.  We’ll be glad to livestream and deliver you a master copy of the even via Dropbox or USB thumb drive. We can insert logo bugs or lower thirds onto your image if desired. 

Click Here
To get an idea of how long your video data transfer
and offload times might be.

How it Works 

      • Give us a call and we’ll find out what your needs are
      • We’ll email you a quote according to your needs. There is no one set price.
      • We’ll conduct a site survey to ensure 4G internet signal is good (see requirements below)
      • 50% Deposit required to hold booking

Customize our stream the way you want !

Everything in Business +

  • Unlimited live events
  • Live stream to multiple destinations
  • Live Q&A and polls
  • Audience chat
  • Unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player
  • No ads before, after, or on your video
  • Embed anywhere
  • Customize colors & components
  • Add your logo
  • Playback speed control
  • Password protection
  • Private link sharing
  • Private team projects
  • Custom cards & calls-to-action in the player
  • Automatically Direct Viewers to your website after Stream is over
  • Collect email addresses in the player
  • Engagement & duration graphs
  • Up to 1080p streaming
  • Live stream to multiple destinations
  • Live Q&A and polls
  • Audience chat
  • Sell your videos directly to fans worldwide

Don’t Need a Live Stream? Let us simply RECORD your event

Our Equipment inventory

Type of Live Streams that we DO NOT specialize in

  • Sporting Events
    (We do not have instant replay or scoreboard interfaces or telecaster headset/mics for play by play 
     A rodeo or little league sport is no problem)
  • Mobile or Remote Feeds
    (No run-and-gun ENG streams or remote locations ie; from a fishing boat or moving vehicles, drones, aircraft, helicopters etc.)
    Outdoor events are fine if overhead shelter, power, and sufficient  4G LTE cell services are available.



Call us at 210-229-1919
Email Us

Internet Stream Requirements

If on-site internet is provided for your Live Stream there are a few requirements that must be in place before we venture to stream from it. 

In a nutshell, we’ll need

  • 10mbps upload speed for a 720p webcast.
  • 15mbps upload speed for a 1080p webcast 

Check your internet service provider’s speed:
Speed Test

Read here for more information

In some cases, we can provide our own internet connection via 4G LTE cellular service.

We service the following areas in Texas:

Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Laredo, McAllen, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Harlingen, Weslaco, Temple, Killeen, Waco, many other cities. We have even traveled to destinations such as New Orleans, Dallas and Nashville, TN