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For many independent artists in south Texas and beyond, a music video is either a finishing touch for an album or it is used as a marketing tool or both. Creating a big-budget music video just isn't possible for many artists starting out. If you don't have a record contract or a major label backing, that doesn’t mean putting out a music video is out of the question. If you're unsure about how to release a quality music video as an independent artist, make sure to plan your budget and see what's available within reason. While most DIY music videos can range anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, smaller budgets are absolutely possible to work with if you use the following tips.

For those of you who ask,
"How much do you charge for a music video"?
Our Music Video Budgets start at $750 to 3,500 on average. It really depends how complex you want your music video to be. Once we achieve a certain level of experience the prices gradually rise as it would with any seasoned production company. These are the rates we are comfortable with at the present time.
Various factors include but not limited to , number of production crew, cast, extras, location/venue
set construction, craft services, hair/makeup, set security, medic, insurance etc.
Editing your music video is $20 an hour. Average time to edit a video is 10-15 hours. Again, some special affects or other factors could alter editing time.

Consider the following when you are wanting a quote for a music video.

HD camera – This should be one of your top priorities. Viewers have come to expect high-quality videos, which includes high-definition. If there's one thing to not skimp on, this would be it.
• Lighting – This doesn't have to be expensive. There are some fantastic ways to utilize natural light, but if the mood of your music video is a bit more eerie than you'd find in daylight, having special lighting is a must.
• Sound – You'll also need to decide if this is a live video or if you're playing to your recording. If you're playing to a recording, the sound will be as good as your mastered track. If this is a live music video, you'll need to either invest in or borrow quality recording gear.

At Midnight Voice productions,
we can give you an idea of what different budgets look like.

For a $950 Budget you can expect a deceant video and your set may look something like this:

This is low budget yet effective.

Here is a small budget video we did at the $950 range, usually no more than 2 locations.

If you want to step it up you can invest in the $1500-$3500 range and get more elaborate. Add a drone, add some extras, add some GoPro views or add a few more locations etc.

Big budget music videos can range anywhere from $60,000-$700,000 and up and your set will look a little more like this:

Notice in the above images , what you are getting from a big budget.
A larger crew with higher end equipment could also take weeks to shoot a music video.

Here are a couple that we shot recently:

And finally here is one more example of a LOW BUDGET video that was produced by another company. This was shot one location, one camera, no editing involved, and ONE take. It doesn't get any more simpler than that.
This video required very little post-production work. The talent did not require an expensive elaborate set up or budget. If planned out right you can make a fantastic and effective video without hiring an expensive production team.
Take a look.

We can produce and also direct your video. The creativity is up to you.
To save money you would need to have a location (or two) in mind and set up and secured. Please be as organzied as you can. If you would like us to arrange logistics on your behalf we can work that in the budget and turn key the production for you. That will add to the price so choose wisely. If your video will require extras and you bring them to set, fine. If we use our local casting office to screen extras that will take time and they do charge a fee. A deposit may be needed up front to guarantee the actors and extras pay. If you bring your own extras (if needed) then you get the savings.

When we give you a quote, please note that does include editing, using Adobe products to give it that finished look. We normally eidit a dry run first, and send it to you directly via Dropbox for your pre-approval, revisions, or changes. Once we get it mastered to your satisfaction we deliver your final cut on a .mp4 video file saved on a thumb drive, DVD or a digital file via Dropbox

For further questions give us a call or
email us at


We are confident we can make a great music video for you without breaking the bank ! We service music videos in South Texas helping musicians, bands of all genres, rock, country, tejano, alternative , jazz out of the
Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio, Kingsville, McAllen, Brownsville, Victoria, Temple - Killeen and all in between.

Thanks !