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Corporate / Industrial

Political Ads


Music videos

Press Conferences


Investigative / Insurance Documentation


E-learning and Training Videos

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Here are some FAQ

Midnight Voice Productions is based on non-union rates.

We accept Visa or MasterCard, Discover, AMEX through Square Payments or Bill.com
Paypal is also acceptable. You do not need a Paypal account to send a payment to us.
Ask us for more information on that.

We may or may not charge an upfront deposit when booking an event or production, it depends on the circumstances and work involed .
If a production cancels within 24 hours of the start time, deposit may not be refunded. Cancellations happen , we get them from time to time. When we block out a day(s) for a shoot, we are turning down other gigs that may come up for those same exact days. The balance is due within 24 hours after the job or services are complete. If we have a credit card on file, payment can be made smoothly.


Will you be needing a Teleprompter to add to the workload?
Would you prefer a small camera Jib?
Do you want a 2nd camera angle (GOPro Camera).

Will you be providing an on camera talent? (Would you need a Hair and Makeup artist?).

Do you need a voice-over talent to become a part of the post production work load ?

Aerial camera angles? Drone? And dare we say it, Helicopter?

Would you require editing production - a turn-key project ?

Will this production involve extensive traveling?
Our Hub is Corpus Christi but cover a large portion of south and central Texas.
We can travel all over America and beyond.

If producing an industrial video/commercial or training video, how long will the program be?

Will you provide file/stock footage or will we need to acquire 100% of the video content?
Note: We carry a lot of licensed production music for all types of purposes that we can use for your project at no additional charge.

These questions will come up. We can take every consideration and scenario at hand.

Each order will be produced and delivered to your specs. Smart editing techniques are applied to every production in the client's best interest. That means the pauses are taken out, the retakes, and breaths if necessary. Other techniques can be made before the final version is sent to you such as controlling
Coronal Consonants like "p- pop plosives" distortion and sibilance (de-esser removal).
If a client prefers only raw source that is no problem with the exception of still photos.

All of those things factor into the price including costly studio equipment from hardware to software. It would be near impossible to have a rate card for every scenario and variable. I hope that we can come to an agreed price with much delay. Often times special deals can be worked out for repeat business or bulk orders.

For specifics on rates for certain types of work call us at (361) 332-4400. or E-mail jimmy@midnight-voice.com

When you consider the price or quote that Midnight-Voice / Prime Portraits gives you , we hope that you'll appreciate what you're actually getting in return. We want you to be happy. Because understand that you are paying for more than just a worker to fill the needs of your production, project or event. You are also buying our experience. You're paying for our hundreds of hours of past errors and experimentations. You're buying years of previous frustrations as well as moments of joy and successes. Whether we are doing video production, editing, photography, videography, voice-over work or teleprompting for you or your project/event, know that you are getting someone reliable, dependable and with real life experience in our industry.