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Teleprompter operator Texas

Jimmy Maddox is an individual teleprompter owner and operator Servicing: Corpus Christi, Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Houston, Austin,
San Antonio, Victoria, Temple-Killeen

Call or email us for a quote :
(210) 202-4015

Note: Our Teleprompter Equipment is NOT for sale ,
and we do not rent the equipmet out alone. We are a service for hire which includes an experienced teleprompter operator who delivers our own teleprompter equipment, sets up, operates, and strike..
If you are looking to hire only a teleprompter operator, we are available for that as well.

There can be many factors that can yield a fair rate...
Do you need speech prompters?
Do you need only a camera mounted prompter?
Will there be Down-stage monitors needed?
Will this be a full day or half day?
Will this be a multi day event? Regular work?

Please email or call us for a quote

Texas Teleprompter rental
Camera prompter can be mounted on a light stand for easier placement if desired.

10" screen for on camera mount for close up shots, prevents eye travel

15" large screen for far away shots or just convenience.

WE HAVE HI BRITE monitors (1000 nits) for a small premium for the 15" monitor

Presidential Speech Prompters

Podium Presidential Speech Glass panel Teleprompters: For LIVE events, Podium speeches etc, We can provide a glass dual panel prompter that sits to the left and right of your podium.

We use Ultra Hi Brite monitors
(1000 nits) for indoor or outdoor use.

In addition we can also offer two 48" Confidence Monitors or Down Stage Monitors (DSM) placed on front row. Need a 3rd confidence monitor? We also have one 30" DSM monitor to be placed anywhere else desired. The DSM stands sit about 2 feet high.down stage monitor texas. We also have a pair of 22" DSM monitors and if needed smaller we offer some 15" screen monitors. We use the smaller ones a lot for on stage concerts or Live performances. SEE Our VIDEO Demo Below ..

VIDEO Demos for our Teleprompter Operations are posted down below.

Our Teleprompters are built professionally for organizations that want reliable teleprompting service. We are one of the few teleprompting services located here in the Lone Star state of Texas. Some Teleprompter services advertise in Texas but are really out of state and are willing to ship you the equipment and you have to assemble it and provide an operator for it. We personally deliver the equipment , set it up, operate it for the event, strike, and load and depart. You won't have to lift a finger or figure anything out. Nor will you have to worry about having to purchase cheap teleprompter software that isn't user freindly.

Whether it is for entertainment, film, music performers, corporate VIP's,
sport banquets, keynote speakers, state dignitaries
or the President of the United states, these Presidential Podium Teleprompters can help give them great confidence which will make for a good experience.

Texas teleprompter operator

Our Teleprompters for Hillary Clinton campaign stop in Houston on
Feb. 20th, 2016.

We can provide a dual panel prompter that sits to the left and right of your podium.

In addtion we can also offer two 48" Confidence Monitors or Down Stage Monitors (DSM) placed on front row. We also have two 30" DSM monitors to be placed anywhere else desired. The DSM stands sit about 2 feet high. We also have lower profile floor stands ideal for the 22" and 30" DSMs that are well liked for concert stages.
down stage monitor texas

The Teleprompter screen can provide any color background you desire. The Text and font can also be adjusted to your liking. Just copy and paste the script with a title and submit it to us on a pen drive or e-mail it to us in at least 30 min. prior to show time. If there are any last minute changes that is no problem.

Just e-mail us a revised copy or save on a pen drive and we can have it updated in a matter of minutes if not seconds ! In some cases you can just come to us directly and we can make minor changes directly into our computer to save time.


We are hubbed out of
Corpus Christi, Texas but can travel to your destination. We cover all of south and Central Texas.

Call us for rates.
We charge by the full day
(up to 10 hours)
If we need to load in the night or day before the event at a venue, only a half day charge will apply in addition to the full day. In our view, load-in days are described as loading in equipment, setting up and testing. It usually takes 2-2.5 hrs to do so. If load-in day also includes rehearsals, then a FULL day will apply for that day. We prefer a minimum of 2.5 hours give or take to set up the Teleprompters . In reality the teleprompter glass takes only about 20 minutes to set up. However things like cable layout, gaffing and making changes to script or location or prompters or impromptu rehearsals can be time consuming and factor in on the time.

Click here to view some of our best clients.

Presidential Dual Glass Prompters DEMO

And Don't forget we offer an easy iPad prompter for our ENG and EFP video productions as well. Subjects can be up to 12 feet away from the camera and see the prompter just fine.
NOTE: The Pad Prompter has never let us down, however if you feel more comfortable with a hard wire on-camera teleprompter we can accomodate that ! We use a 10" screen connected via HDMI instead of the wireless 9" iPad prompter.

Here is our Confidence Monitor (DSM) operational Demo