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Teleprompter operator Texas

Jimmy Maddox is an individual teleprompter owner and operator Servicing: Texas and Tennessee.

Note: Our Teleprompter Equipment is NOT for sale ,
and we do not rent the equipment out alone. We are a service for hire which includes an experienced teleprompter operator who delivers our own teleprompter equipment, sets up, operates, and strike..

Hey guys, I specialize in providing on stage teleprompter service for Live music performance and LIVE events .

If you are looking to hire only a teleprompter operator, we are available for that as well.

I am based in Texas but I've had several inquiries from Nashville. I'm never going to say no to work and therefore I travel a lot. However due to travel distance Nashville bookings need to be a min. of 3 days or willing to be billed for a minimum of 3 days. The lift cost factors in half of that.

More artists are asking for Teleprompters now and it's not just for senior artists. Miley Cyrus uses them. Other artist use them because they are part of the set up for other performers using the same stage.

Just need me to plug N Play? No problem. Rate is significantly reduced.
Often times I get requested to just bring my laptop with teleprompter software and plug into existing DSMs via existing router or production switcher.

Need only an operator?
No problem. We'll bring two lap top computers
(one for back up) and tap into your lines. We can also provide up to 300 ft of VGA cable and up to 90ft of HDMI.

I also have the dual paddle Presidential style conference teleprompters as well.
We use Ultra Hi Brite monitors
(1000 nits) for indoor or outdoor use.




Please email or call me for a quote

ON-Camera Teleprompters

10" screen monitor for up close shots (prevents eye travel)
15" screen monitor for far away shots or for convenience.

We have an ULTRA BRITE monitor (1000 nits) for the 15" on camera telepromtper rig for a small premium.

These confidence monitors in come pairs of 30" and 46" and can be low profile right on stage or used as DSMs on front row.

The presidential glass low profile monitors are ideal for stage if the artist will remain static such as this shot of Brian Wilson performing below.

Tanya Tucker

Our Teleprompters are built professionally for organizations that want reliable teleprompting service. These front row confidence or Presidential dual glass Teleprompters can help give artist the greatest confidence which will make for a good experience.

I've got two large 48" screen downstage monitors and two 30" on stage prompters for lower profile. If that is still too large I've also got a pair of 22" monitors.

The glass panels used for the Presidential teleprompter can also be provided on stage close to the performer if they will remain static such as sitting at a keyboard or playing a guitar.

The Teleprompter screen can be any color background you desire. The Text and font can also be adjusted to your liking. Just copy and paste the lyrics with a title and submit it to us on a pen drive or e-mail it to us in at least 30 min. We are available for an audition or rehearsal.

Just e-mail us a revised copy or save on a pen drive and we can have it updated in a matter of minutes if not seconds ! In some cases you can just come to us directly and we can make minor changes directly into our computer to save time.

Need a long term prompter operator to go on tour? Let's Talk.

Tom Keifer bus at the Kings of Chaos concert at ROT - Austin June 10th 2018