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We have family in Belton and travel to central Texas quite often. So we are glad to service the area.If you are in the market to hire an experienced production specialists with professional gear you have found one of the best. We specialize in ENG broadcast shoots, low-mid size budget television commercials and high quality industrial and commercial productions. We also take a liking for deposition videos, political ads, real estate and documentary style production videos.

We use high definition camera equipment including a GoPro camera, the Panasonic GH4, 4K cinema camera, Canon vixia G20 as well as professional audio equipment with shot gun mics and UHF wireless microphones.

We are also the experts when it comes to teleprompting. Teleprompter rental Temple and Killeen caters to LIVE events and conferences with out dual panel presidential speech teleprompter. Don't worry about trying to memorize a 20 min. speech, just submit a script to us and we'll do the rest. Ideal for VIP's, dignitaries or anyone who demands a great experience on or off stage. Dual panels to the left and right of the podium is great but we can also provide another prompter downstage and below stage for different points of view. For more information please visit our Teleprompter page.

We use LED light panels for professional studio lighting both in house and in the field. We have professional backdrops including chroma-key colors if necessary.
We offer a 5 foot camera jib if desired for those high budget camera shots. A Teleprompter is available for those who demand the best experience of video production. Any script can be imported into a Google doc and then sent to us to migrate into the pad prompter. Another thing we specialize in is professional high quality editing.

We use Adobe Premiere Pro, various filters, special effects (if desired) overlay templates and other applications to give your final product a professional finish. Commercial production companies in Temple- Killeen and Belton are far and few between. They range with various types of equipment available and different levels of experience.
Please consider us for all of your production studio needs in the Temple Killeen area. We have family in Belton and travel to central Texas quite often. So we are glad to service the area.

We are fully capable of providing video support for court depositions and undercover work for private investigators, judges and attorneys. Feel free to navigate our website and browse our equipment page and read about the man in charge, Jimmy Maddox. He has a wide range of experience with shooting lighted interviews for network quality productions. Long form HDTV recording is demanded on almost every media format there is. You can have your finished product exported to one of several different media type files both large and small.

We offer competitive rates in scale with different volumes of work. If you are in need of hair and makeup personnel we can offer that for you. Also available is a short list of local on-camera talent that we can provide for an extra fee. If you need a still photographer onset we have those who can serve as well.
We also offer HD video production services not only in Temple - Killeen and central Texas, but we traveled to nearby cities and towns.

We look forward to producing and shooting video of your projects, TV spots, commercials, political ads or real estate or deposition videos in Temple and Killeen Texas and surrounding areas. And also keep us in mind for infomercials and training videos both industrial and corporate.